The SmartConnect scheduling service was caught out by the 29th February 2012. That wonderful leap year event that only comes around every four years.  For those that found their scheduled integrations either stopped or got excited and ran every minute  – I apologise and you will find this KB article here will resolve any ongoing issues.

Reset schedules for leap year.

At eOne we were also caught out on the 29th – with our scheduled maps failing to run.  Our dev guys were also working on some scheduling code on the 29th and spent 1/2 a day trying to work out why things were not running on the 29th when it had been perfect on the 28th!

This is something that should not have happened, but is a result of me saying about three years ago ‘we need to get this code released this week – worry about leap years in the next build’. We discovered last week that we never remembered to come back to this task.

Rest assured that by February 29th 2016 – that this issue will be resolved.