As of late eOne Solutions has had the frustrating honor of assisting countless customers who have purchased GP with intentions of using only the SmartList Designer tool to generate a report. They then come to eOne once they have spent a lot of time and money on the issue. We then assist them with the help of SmartList Builder, leaving them with “Why didn’t we purchase this straight off the bat?”. So instead of hearing it from us (because we’re biased), we’ve decided to reach out to our partners to get their take on SmartList Builder and why it should be included with every Microsoft Dynamics GP sale.

Meet Belinda Allen, Microsoft MVP, MCP of Smith & Allen Consulting, Inc. who loves SmartList Builder so much she put together a short video testimony stating how her company had a discussion on whether they should keep using the eOne Solutions SmartList Builder tool and why they all without a doubt decided to continue using and selling it. The video also demonstrates how Belinda and some of her customers use SmartList Builder for Purchase Order Processing.


You can download the xml files Belinda mentions in the video to copy it to your own system here and here.

Interested in purchasing SmartList Builder? Email us at for more info! For the differences between SmartList Builder and SmartList Designer click here.