We’re pleased to be grandfathering all of our SmartList Builder and SmartView customers who are current on a subscription into Popdock in April 2022.  These customers would have initially purchased a SmartList Builder and/or SmartView subscription prior to January 10, 2022, and will receive 40% off Popdock Business for three years, and have access to all the plan benefits included in the Popdock Business Level.

eOne initially announced this transition in November 2021, and we notified all our customers affected by this pricing update on January 13, 2022.

Logistically, what does this mean?

Starting April 1st, all customers who are current on a SmartList Builder and/or SmartView subscription will get access to eOne’s full SmartList Suite + unlimited support across their plans.  This means, they’ll be able to start using:

For billing, you’ll see Popdock Business at 40% off on your next renewal date.  This discount will apply for two years starting on your renewal date.

Is SmartList Builder or SmartView going away?

NO!   We know our customers love these products, and eOne will continue to support and enhance them.  They are just now bundled in with Popdock.

We no longer offer the ability to purchase or renew SmartList Builder or SmartView as standalone subscription items.

What do you need to do?

Our goal is to make the plan change as simple as possible (there’s actually nothing you need to do billing-wise outside of the normal payment process).  However, we do want to make sure you’re able to take advantage of all the value included.

How do customers access everything in the Popdock Business Plan?

To get access, here are the next steps:

Accessing Popdock

  • Sign in to the eOne Portal and go to Renewals/Keys.
    • You’ll see a Popdock Plan as a Product to renew and initially configure.
  • To initiate your Popdock account, under “SAAS”, which you click on the drop-down next to “Popdock Business Subscription”, select “Setup Popdock Account”.

Setup Popdock Account in Renewals/Accounts

    • Add the email of the first Popdock product user. This person will receive an email to finish setting up their password to be able to log into the product.
    • Select your Microsoft Azure region of your Popdock account.
      • Popdock is a cloud-hosted app, which means to use it, all you need to do is log in at popdock.com. It’s hosted in Microsoft Azure, and the account can be spun up in one of the following hosting regions:  West Europe, North America, and Australia.

Create your first Popdock user and select region

Accessing SmartList Builder

Accessing SmartView

Use your unlimited support plan across products.

Sign up for a Popdock Bootcamp (hands-on, instructor-led training).

We’re always here to help.  For questions, you can learn more about what’s included here and are welcome to connect with our team any time by calling +1-888-319-3663 or emailing sales@eonesolutions.com.