SmartConnect keeps getting better and stronger.

On the 20th Dec we released SP2 of SmartConnect 2011. This is a significant release with a mixture of fixes and features that make SmartConnect even more robust and functional. SP 2  rolls up previous hot fixes as well as additional features and bug fixes into this one build. We recommend all our clients upgrade to SmartConnect SP2 at their next opportunity.

SmartConnect 2011 SP 2 Release Information and Upgrade Instructions

Release Information

1. Dynamics GP
Ability to define a single user with which to connect to Microsoft Dynamics GP. This means that a single AD user may be used for connections to GP rather than requiring each SmartConnect user to be set up individually within MSSQL security.

2. Dynamics CRM 2011
Added support for the update of entity record owners.

3. MSSQL Change Data Sources
Added support for schemas other than the default schema.

Bug Fixes
1. Extender
Fixed the bug where SmartConnect was truncating key fields for Extender windows and detail windows.

2. Importing Templates
Imports that use eOne Excel templates will now work if no TWO database is present on the Dynamics install.

3. Email SMTP ports
Now allows selection of any port number.

4. MSSQL Change Data Source
Now handles column and table names where the name is a reserved word correctly.

5. SmartConnect does not detect eConnect
SmartConnect will now detect eConnect correctly where eConnect is installed after SmartConnect.

6. Dashes are no longer allowed in default connection names
This was causing issues in some calculation and scripting fields and has been disabled.

7. SQL Command tasks and SQL Command Templates
Insert variable now works correctly.

8. Scheduler
Fixed issue where a schedule recreated itself if it was running when it was deleted.