Thanks for joining the SmartConnect Office Hours last Friday, February 15, 2019.  Here is a quick summary of what we covered:

  • Our topic for the day focused on Real Time Data Sources. We discussed setting up and registering a MSSQL real-time data source, testing & troubleshooting the trigger, and the difference between a real time and change tracking from a data source perspective.
  • Some of the questions asked included:  
    • Is there a way to capture the ‘old’ value and the new value into a SQL destination table – so I could query that ‘xxx’ was changed to ‘xyy’?
    • Real time maps with CRM 9 is this working correctly from what i understand it works with the latest build but not earlier builds. Is that correct?
    • I’m having an issue with scheduled maps. It seems the schedule stops running and only will restart if i restart the service. Is there an issue with this?

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