We have been busy at eOne. Over the past few days the following product releases have been made available on our download pages:

1. Extender Enterprise 2010
2. Extender Enterprise V10
3. Flexicoder 2010
4. SmartConnect 2010

You can now go ahead and schedule all those 2010 upgrades knowing that each of these products have been updated and are ready to go. The upgrade process is very simple for Flexicoder and eXtender with no table changes.

For SmartConnect be sure to download the release information that steps you through the upgrade process. There have been a number of changes within the architecture of SmartConnect as well a new features that we will explore in the blog over the next few weeks. A summary list of those features are outlined below.

1. Multiple Rolling Columns
2. Specify MS CRM destination via Script
3. Send to more than one CRM Organization
4. Override MS CRM destination per map
5. All user defined/calculated columns available on all lines
6. Group a line mapping without losing field mappings
7. Order eConnect nodes in Map Setup Screen
8. Update if exits may be set in the mapping for GP destinations
9. SmartConnect resides in its own database
10. Security is Active Directory based