is now generally available and has made integrations in the cloud a reality. runs in Microsoft Azure, so getting started simply requires you to create an account, log in and start integrating.  No environment, no servers and no dedicated IT required.

The on-premise version of SmartConnect is still available.  eOne is actively developing and enhancing both our on-premise and cloud integration offerings, so you now can decide what is best for your integration needs.


Are you a partner looking to bring to your practice, giving your customers a choice between on-premise and cloud?

  1. Sign the eOne Cloud Partner Agreement. (Request from
  2. Attend the Introduction to Training on September 26th.
  3. Attend a SmartConnect Bootcamp.
  4. Deliver integrations in the cloud using

IT Managers, Developers or Other Managing Integrations

Are you interested in learning how you can integrate in the cloud with

  1. Attend the Introduction to Training.
  2. Purchase via your partner or directly via the website.
  3. Attend a SmartConnect Bootcamp.
  4. Enjoy the ease of integrations in the cloud.

For more information on and the differences between the on-premise and cloud versions of SmartConnect visit our website.