Integration in the cloud or on-premise?

We offer both.  The choice is yours with SmartConnect.
Run your integration where you want to. Deliver your integrations in the cloud with or on-premise with SmartConnect.


So…What’s the difference between SmartConnect and

Both products (SmartConnect and are fully-featured integration solutions that allow you to handle integrations with your cloud and on-premise applications.The main difference is where the integration process runs.


SmartConnect (on-premise)

SmartConnect is eOne’s on-premise integration solution, so it is installed into and runs within a Windows environment.

server-lightblue (cloud) runs in Microsoft Azure, so getting started simply requires you to create an account, log in and start integrating.  No environment, no servers and no dedicated IT required.


SmartConnect vs.

SmartConnect vs.

  Setup & Configuration
Product Download and Install Required
No install required. Login and start integrating.
Windows environment required
Microsoft SQL required
IIS required to use the SmartConnect Add-in
IIS required to use the SmartConnect WCF REST service
Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
Dynamics 365 Business Central - SOAP Endpoint
Dynamics 365 Business Central - ODATA Endpoint
Dynamics NAV - SOAP Endpoint
Dynamics NAV - ODATA Endpoint
Dynamics GP
Dynamics CRM
Microsoft SQL
Text File
Folder Data Source - FTP
Multi-data source connector
Web Services - SOAP API's - create custom connections
Web Services - REST API's - create custom connections
Folder Data Source - local
Bulk Integrations
Changes Only
Real-time Triggers on Source
Real-time Trigger by calling the SmartConnect Web Service
Excel Add-in - Run an integration from Excel
Automate and Schedule Integration Processes
SmartConnect Web Service - Run a map, pass in data
Save sources to re-use among integration processes
Clone an integration process
Log and view errors from integrations that have run.
Update and Re-process failed records.
Import/Export Integration Processes and relevant objects
Integrations are called Integration Process
Integrations are called Maps
Web client available - to log in view run maps, see errors, fix and re-process. Cannot create a new integration.
Web client available - entire solution available in online interface.
Management Console/Dashboard
View Scheduled Processes
Create and use global variables
Debug maps
Query and restrict data within sources
Restrict data within individual mappings
Define Company Destination during map run
Set up multiple connections of the same type
SmartSearch - easily search and select integration points for connections and mappings.
Map source columns to destination
Map transformations (additional columns) to destination
Auto-map on technical or display name
Create Calculations - Library of functions (wizard-based experience)
Create Calculations - .Net Scripting
Create Calculations - Javascript
Date Calculations
Entity Lookups
SQL Lookups
Page Lookups (D365 BC/NAV specific)
Page Field Lookups (D365 BC/NAV specific)
Activity Parties (D365/CRM specific)
Option Sets (D365/CRM specific)
Set Relationships (D365/CRM specific)
Multi-lookups (D365/CRM specific)
Translation Tables
Next Number Calculations
Pre-map (post-integration process) Tasks available
Post-map (post-integration) Tasks available
Pre-document Tasks available
Post-document Tasks available
Email Notification Task
Chain integration processes (maps) to run in sequence.
Run Scripting Task
Move File Task
Delete File Task
Copy File Task
Run File Task
Run SQL Command
Disable and Enable Tasks
Map-level permissions
Connection-level permissions
Assign permissions per SmartConnect user
Assign permissions per Teams
Configurable Integration Templates (as starting points) available
Online Training Available
In-person Training Available
Available as a separate add-on to assist with integration delivery
Pricing is inclusive of all features and functions
Pricing is tiered based on number of connections used

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