Get to know Popdock, the Midwestern’ Dreamin’ demo jam finalist for the Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam!

Our product manager, Chris Dew, and partner development manager, Mary Charuhas, had 3 minutes to knock the audiences’ socks off with a 3-minute demo, demonstrating how users never need to contact IT again to be prepared with the right data (often external app data) for their next conversation.

Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam Finals at Midwest Dreamin'

Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam Finals at Midwest Dreamin’

Using Popdock’s virtual integration, it’s simple to embed all the right data in the right place without writing code or impacting any of your Salesforce storage limits.

Why is virtual integration important for Salesforce users?

Companies invest a lot of time and money into traditional integration in an effort to connect their systems and provide visibility into other data.  Integration project costs build quickly around the consulting, development to design, map and implement between the systems, and a lot of the Salesforce integration platforms are priced for the enterprise.  If the outcome you’re looking for is to provide data access and visibility to external data, then there is a better, more affordable way to accomplish this.

Popdock’s virtual integration makes relevant data convenient right in Salesforce and you can also embed Salesforce data in other applications where your team works.  It’s great for getting to the details, empowering end users to answer their own data questions, and taking action.  Plus, it’s pretty simple and quick to implement.

What can Salesforce admins and users expect?

  1. Happy, more informed, and more productive Salesforce users.
  2. Fast configuration of your Popdock integration (with clicks, not code!).
  3. Many options to connect your systems to Salesforce. Integrate other cloud apps, on-premise applications, API’s, and databases.


Salesforce Connect vs. Popdock:  What’s the difference?

Salesforce Connect allows you to access external data in Salesforce and is available as an integration service add-on ($4k/month) in the Salesforce Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Plans.  While it can bring together data from external sources, it’s important to consider the limitations with specific field types as well as the number of tables/data you need to join in from different sources.

Popdock allows you to display external data in Salesforce and much more:

  • Embed data in Salesforce and also embed Salesforce data in other applications, so users of other apps also have visibility to Salesforce data.
  • Combine data – Join, merge, summarize, compare, see exceptions, and more.  No limitations to how many app sources or tables you can bring together.
  • Allow users to see related details. This can be more details related to a specific record (like seeing the lines for an invoice) or seeing related data from another app (like seeing shipping details for related orders).
  • Turn on actions for users to make an impact. This is configurable and can be set up for specific systems.  For example, you could be displaying helpdesk tickets from another helpdesk system (Zendesk, Freshdesk, ServiceNow…etc.) and would like Salesforce users to be able to make a comment, update a status or close the ticket.

Interested to learn more or have a scenario in mind?  Chat with us or contact our team.  We’d love to discuss your scenario and the opportunity with eOne’s Salesforce integration solutions.