How do you get all your separate systems to work together?

It’s a question we receive 20 times a day. Can you sync data between Dynamics CRM (365) and NAV? Can you integrate Concur and NAV? Can you integrate D365 Sales, Shopify, and D365 Business Central? Can you connect different API’s and NAV/Business Central? There are so many unique scenarios we hear, and most often the out-of-the-box tools just don’t cut it. I’ll touch on some the reasons you should use a trusted integration tool, like SmartConnect, below:

Duplicate data entry. Employees waste a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Things such as entering checks, updating items in different systems, updating addresses and vendors, or updating data in an Excel sheet and then having to copy and paste it into another system. With SmartConnect you can update data in one system and have it automatically flow into another. Also, if you like working in Excel (most accountants do ), there is an Excel Add-in tool included with SmartConnect, and it allows you to push in data from any spreadsheet with the click of a button. This leaves extra time for your staff to do more meaningful tasks and greatly reduces the risks of human errors.

Migrations. Companies move systems, and when they do, it’s very important you move the right data. SmartConnect can connect to almost all existing systems, making it an easier way to migrate data than having to do everything through flat files or manual entry.

Integrations. Nowadays, it’s so easy to go out and grab any app and start using it. But, after you have those apps, how do you integrate them? For example, how do you get your tickets from Zendesk to flow into CRM, and then for that customer information to show up in NAV so you can invoice them? Integrations are critical for businesses to survive. Don’t let your business die because you have data (inventory, transactions, financials, etc) sitting in one system that can’t communicate with your other key systems and processes.

Automations. A lot of integrations happen in the background without anyone seeing them. These may be real-time integrations or even ones that are scheduled to run. Automating some of your processes can greatly reduce the amount of manual entry and save time and money for your company.

Error handling. No data is perfect and no matter how well integrations are built, eventually there will be errors. SmartConnect has the best error handling around. An intuitive screen shows you the error and the ability to re-run the record(s) that failed, right within the error processing screen. Status alerts can also be emailed or permanently recorded for reference later.

Upgrades. Every year, there are new updates to software. You want an integration tool that is easy to upgrade as other systems change. Also, if you staff that leaves your company, you want to be able to complete those integrations. SmartConnect is a very easy solution to upgrade – the straightforward installer and isolated components ensure that it can be upgraded as needed separate from the rest of your systems.

Whether you have simple or complex integration needs, make sure to check out SmartConnect!