The SmartConnect REST Connector enables you to create a connection to almost any REST-based API. Definitions can be set up to let you pull or send data to and from the needed service endpoints. The REST connection that you built can then be used in integrations with any other connections that are already set up within SmartConnect.

By enabling users to create new and detailed connections, SmartConnect sits at the center of any integration solution for every customer. Connect your ERP, CRM, and on-prem systems, along with any additional cloud applications, and manage it from one location. You can do this while maintaining full control over each connection and integration.

By utilizing SmartConnect and the built-in connections, along with the ability to create new REST API connections, customers can consolidate down to one integration platform to handle any of their needs. As more and more specialized applications are used by companies to fill different business needs, the need for an integration solution to tie them all together becomes even more important.

Earlier versions of SmartConnect have had a legacy version of the REST connector for years. However, there were shortcomings around how the connector handled authentication types and different payloads of data. The latest version of SmartConnect 21 has the fully-featured new REST connector – it’s the same REST connector that is available in – and any definitions built in SC21 or can be imported and export from one system to another.

Upgrading to the latest version of SmartConnect 21 will allow you to expand beyond any current integrations, adding REST connections to tie additional systems into existing integration solutions. Additional functionality and features will continue to be added to the REST connector as focus shifts to being more agile and flexible in what customers’ integration requirements are.

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