My husband and I recently made a cross county move to Texas. While determining what part of the city (Austin) to settle in, we decided to rent an apartment until we get know the area a bit more and found a great little place in a nice, gated community. When we signed our lease we received two remote controls to unlock the gates when we drive in or out of our complex. We were also given all the “need to know” info about working with maintenance, pool hours, gym hours, etc. One thing we weren’t given, however, was the code combination to the gate along a small walking path that leads to our mailbox. I can’t tell you how many times I went in and out of the little walking gate to check the mail, forgot all about the fact that I didn’t have the code yet and walked all the way around to the “driving gate” to get back to my building. I’m either patient or stubborn because it took a number of times walking around the “long way” before I decided to talk with the folks “in the know” to get the combo for the gate to the walking path. A quick 30 second conversation later and I was off, never having to take the “long way” around again.
We often have resources available to us that we may not know about or quite frankly, take time to check into, so we decide to take the “long way” around.  A great resource we have available for partners and customers is the eOne Knowledge Base section of our website. Our support team takes time each week to create free articles that provide you with information on errors, how-to’s, short cuts, etc. and post those to the Knowledge Base section of our website. These articles give you the ability to cut out taking the “long way” around an issue you may come up against. They provide you with just the right resources at just the right time.
If you haven’t done so yet, I would encourage you to take advantage of the resources that are out there for you. We’ve greatly improved the search capability of the Knowledge Base section and have added a ton of new reference articles. (If you’re a Node Builder user, take a look at the new install guide just released today). Follow this path and you’ll be all set:
1.       Go to
2.       Click on Support.
3.       Select the tab called Knowledge Base.
4.       Search for whatever it is you need to know about!
Love the Knowledge Base section? Have suggestions? Email me – I’d love to hear from you –