Available from this week is the newest SmartConnect 2010 build which we are calling Service Pack 2 or build 46 for those following our build numbers.

This is a great build that adds some feature functionality but also consolidates previous builds with a big emphasis on correcting those little annoyances, and things that were not quite right. Many of these were minor issues that only impacted a small number of customers but have all be corrected in this new release.

While this was primarily a fix up release, as always we can not resist including a few features into a service pack release and added the following functionality improvements:

1. Excel 2010 – Excel 2010 data source added to SmartConnect
2. Script Task Window- Allow the user to resize the scripting window
3. Folder Data Source- You can now append the date-time to the file and allow overwrites
4. Global Connection Variable – Allows you to specify one connection and use it in all SQL validation, SQL commands, SQL change data source and SQL Lookups.
6. Copy Security – You can now copy user security to a new user

You can download the new build from our downloads page.

We have already moved our attention forward to the next release – which is going to be very exciting. The biggest thing coming will be the much anticipated stand alone interface for SmartConnect – which means you will no longer require Dynamics GP to be installed to access SmartConnect. There are a number of exciting changes also to the destinations and sources for this new build which will be a great leap for SmartConnect.