I tried to think back to what the best present I have ever received was. I struggled to remember anything that stood out). What sprung to mind right away was the some of the worst presents ever (like the tennis ball on a string or a petrol syphon (in my first 38 yrs I have not syphoned and do not plan to anytime soon).

What we would all like to remember is being as excited about a gift as this young lady here? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQiPrqjZpR4
This year I am approaching the same level of excitement as eOne has been granted a great gift. Our Mouse has been fixed. Officially. Finally. Tested. And it really works. Take a look at the solution which resides in the Knowledge Base article that was published by Microsoft today.
Just like I remembered the ‘not so good’ presents, there are many consultants that will remember the day that their mouse stopped working. Thanks to all those that helped bring this issue to resolution, the partners that put their weight behind the urgency, the customers that assisted with customer impact updates and for Microsoft for coming through with a resolution.
We have had some really big success stories in 2009 with partners putting together some really cool solutions. We are continually amazed at how clever our partners are and the effort that goes into providing solutions for businesses that are truly world class. I am perhaps most excited about those partners that are linking multiple eOne products together to build seamless solutions. These include:
  • SmartList Builder (distributed by Microsoft)
  • Excel Report Builder (distributed by Microsoft)
  • Navigation List Builder (distributed by Microsoft from V11)
  • Drill Down Builder (distributed by Microsoft from V11)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender (distributed by Microsoft)
  • eXtender Enterprise
  • SmartConnect
  • Flexicoder
I recently saw a partner demonstrate a solutions to a prospect that used Excel Report Builder (Qty on hand information) and SmartConnect together to create Inventory transfers within GP. They then had eXtender Enterprise logic running to fill in a few of the little functionality gaps, as well as building 5 eXtender windows and forms to match GP specifically to the business. SmartConnect kicked in off the eXtender forms to create records within CRM. They finished off with SOP, SmartList Builder and Flexicoder.
The best part of this session is none of these products were discussed individually but rather the partner simply said “this is our GP solution for your business, and you should expect this level of flexibility from any ERP you look at. ” Needless to say they won the deal, as for the price, there is no ERP in the market that can complete.
Have a great Christmas break and we look forward to working with everyone again next year.