A quick update on how we are tracking with getting out 2013 releases out to our partners and customers:

SmartConnect 2013:  Released 27th February 2013. We are really excited about the power this release gives to our customers.

Flexicoder 2013: Released 27th February 2013.

Extender Standard: The upgrade conversions from Microsoft Extender to eOne Extender has proven challenging. We are still working closely with our upgrade QA team – and have pulled more resources into this group.  We plan to release before 8th March.

Extender Enterprise:  At eOne we do not release until we are ready. The upgrade of enterprise clients to the new Extender is difficult. We have a good build we could potentially release for new installs – but we are still working carefully through all the upgrade scenarios – but again this is tricky given we are merging two product sets back into one.  Please be patient with us – but it looks like this release will be delayed until after convergence – and likely not until March 30th.
SmartView: Given SmartView links directly with Extender – we need to hold this release until Extender standard is released.  So mid may and definitely prior to convergence.

SmartPost:  Very Soon

Thank you to all our customers and partners who are holding back upgrade work. We are working around the clock – coding during the day in Australia and testing all night in the USA.