You know you can customize GP with Extender. Have you created all the forms and windows you need? Perhaps you’ve put them off because you need to brush up on your Extender skills.

Take advantage of the most convenient resource we offer and get the skills you need to become an Extender expert.

Extender Self-Paced Training is designed for you to complete training as it fits in your schedule, at your own pace. It’s based online so you can login whenever, wherever.

The Self-Paced Training walks through an overview of the product and then dives into each feature and builds on the knowledge as you go. It is divided into 20 sections that will walk you through the feature with an instructional video.  There are also 22 exercises included that correspond with the different videos so you can get hands on experience in using Extender as you go through the training.  An environment you can connect to is provided so you can complete the exercises.

What topics are covered in the training?

  • What is Extender?training
  • Field Entry Windows
  • Additional Features
  • Inquiries
  • Templates
  • Note List Windows
  • Window Groups
  • Forms
  • Navigation Lists
  • Menus
  • Actions
  • Lookups
  • Imports
  • Views
  • Adding to Report Writer
  • Adding to SmartList Builder
  • Integrating with SmartConnect
  • Maintenance
  • Security

What learning objectives do the Exercises cover?

  • Add a New Window
  • Add a New Window with Detail
  • Additional Features on the window (Auto Open, Required Fields, SmartList Integration, Table Links)
  • Create an Inquiry
  • Using Templates on a Window
  • Create a Note
  • Create a Window Group
  • Add a New Form
  • Add a New Form with Detail
  • Create a Navigation List
  • Create a Menu
  • Run Template Action
  • Create an Extra Window Action to Open Another Form
  • Create Action to Populate form with Data from Another Form
  • Add a New Dialog
  • Create an Additional Menu Action to Open Extender Form
  • Create a Lookup
  • Create an Import
  • Create a View
  • Create a Report that has One Key Field
  • Create a SmartList Using SmartList Builder
  • Integrating with SmartConnect

Who would benefit from Extender Self-Paced Training?

  • New users to Extender
  • Current Extender users who need more training
  • Implementation Consultants

As a current or potential Extender customer, you can purchase 1 year of company-wide access to our online Extender Self-Paced Training for your company for $500.  If you would like to renew after the year is up, it is only $300. With your access, you will receive any new information we add to the training.

Are you ready to brush up on your Extender skills?  Contact your Dynamics GP partner and let them know you’re ready to purchase the training. Once it is purchased, you will receive your logins for the training right away.

Questions?  Let us know!  Email

For more information on the Extender Self-Paced Training, please take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions.