What is Popdock?

Popdock is BI for the end user and those who need to get the job done. It’s real-time data from 60+ applications in a single interface and external data embedded inside Salesforce without integration.

Popdock delivers you all this information on any device. Simply put, Popdock makes data accessible and actionable for Salesforce users without the need to access non-Salesforce applications.

What do Salesforce users love about Popdock?

Salesforce users love Popdock because it’s customized to their roles and responsibilities delivering the data they need where they want it.

  • Marketers love Popdock because it offers a single application to customize reporting across social media, email marketing, e-commerce, survey engines and more. They gain valuable insights by merging data from separate platforms to ensure effective campaigns.
  • Sales and service teams love Popdock’s ability to embed outside information directly into any Salesforce page. Imagine real-time ERP invoices with line items, Zendesk tickets, Shopify orders and FedEx shipment tracking on a single account. Popdock makes that dream a reality without integration.

How does Popdock enhance Salesforce?

Here are a handful of key ways Popdock makes Salesforce better:

  • Popdock widgets embed external data on any Salesforce page driving utilization and maximizing ROI.
  • Popdock provides a single interface for reporting on non-Salesforce data. Experts in Salesforce report building use Popdock for a uniform experience on reporting from any application including merging, comparing or joining external data with Salesforce data.
  • Popdock does all of this with minimal effort by Salesforce admins, developers and IT. Be up and running in a matter of minutes without a single line of code.

What are Popdock widgets for Salesforce?

Popdock widgets use Salesforce Visualforce pages to display real-time data from outside Salesforce inside any Salesforce page or vice versa. They also allow the ability to display real-time Salesforce data inside external applications like ERP, marketing automation or support ticketing platforms.

Widgets make data actionable allowing you to open invoices, read notes on support tickets or follow social media interaction.

How does Popdock ensure our data is secure?

Popdock doesn’t store your data or your passwords. It’s engineered to build upon Salesforce’s security and store the minimum amount of metadata required to securely connect your data.

Popdock offers administrators complete control over who has access to information. You control which users have access to connectors, reports and actions. We also offer teams to simplify your security administration.

Where can I go to learn more?

We’re hitting the road this summer attending both Texas Dreamin’ in Austin and Midwest Dreamin’ in Chicago. If you’re attending, come visit our booth and be sure not to miss our Demo Jam presentation. We’d love to see you!

If you don’t want to wait that long to learn more and get started, reach out to me at luke.steckler@eonesolutions.com.