The evolution of SmartList Builder and SmartView is here

Over the last 15 years, SmartList Builder has enabled Dynamics GP users to build their own reports, find tables without assistance, create custom SmartLists, save favorite lists, and modify existing SmartLists. Eventually, SmartView joined the party and enhanced the experience with heightened speed and abilities, but even that has limits.

While our customers have loved SmartList Builder and SmartView, we wanted to offer something even more powerful, a product unconfined to the on-premise, dexterity limitations of SmartList Builder and SmartView.

Equipped with all the features you’ve known and loved from SmartList Builder and SmartView, Popdock, eOne Solution’s cloud-based, virtual integration tool also showcases new features and enhancements that will forever change the way your team works. This isn’t just an upgrade. It’s an evolved approach toward efficiency and maximized functionality.

Virtual integration with Popdock: Embed GP SmartLists into other applications

Our seasoned GP customers know what SmartLists can do and have stretched the capabilities of SmartList Builder and SmartView as far as they can go.

At eOne, we knew our customers needed a product that was unconstrained by on-premise and dexterity issues. Evolved from both SmartList Builder and SmartView, we created Popdock, a virtual integration tool. But what exactly is virtual integration?

Unlike traditional integrations where data is moved from one system to another, virtual integration merely displays data from one system inside another without moving the data at all. The Popdock interface and website offer a real-time glimpse of lists being shared from one system to another.

For example, inside Salesforce, you can display GP SmartLists of your choice through the Popdock widget and connectors. Thanks to Popdock, you’re able to get a live look at GP data while working in Salesforce or any other application.

Perhaps your sales team is working from a CRM system and needs to view particular GP data. However, you don’t want to give the sales team full access to GP data, and you don’t want to buy another license. With Popdock, you can share the data you choose inside the solution they’re already using without moving the data from one system to another, giving them full access to view all GP data, or buying another license.

Popdock allows you to display a real-time look inside any GP SmartList. Your teammate can have all the functionality to work with the data without moving data from GP to their application.

Do you have a particular team working on the same project? Make work simpler by embedding your GP SmartLists in any external application you like. The Popdock interface reflects the look and feel of the application in which it’s embedded. This is an incredible resource for users to access the data they need to perform their job, whether it lives inside a particular system or not.

Easy connection, access, and viewability

Bring together an entirely different system with your GP SmartLists using Popdock. We give you access to all data within your GP environment and the ability to bring any SmartList to the cloud. 

Inside the Popdock web application, eOne can set up a connector to any system that needs data queried, and working with our connectors is simple.

Flexible and easily tailored to your business, everything predefined in these connectors can be customized. Whether you’re using our SQL server connector or our REST service connector, Popdock easily works with both SQL Servers and REST APIs.

Popdock can connect to Dynamics GP or a variety of other systems, such as storage accounts in the cloud (e.g., Amazon S3, Azure data lakes, etc.), Dynamics 365, Salesforce, HubSpot, CRM or ERP systems, ticketing systems (e.g., Freshdesk, Zendesk, etc.), and many others.

Once connected, view any data you need on our web application or inside the solution of your choice by embedding the Popdock interface into your favorite application.

Add, modify, and customize SmartLists with Popdock

With the power of Popdock, features you love, like SmartList Builder, can be added to the cloud and embedded in GP or any of your favorite applications.

Popdock provides easy viewing access to any of your GP SmartLists. Whether it’s a standard SmartList, a list you built in SmartList Builder, or any of your favorites, quickly access them on Popdock’s website or through an embedded Popdock interface in GP or another application.

Access and modify SmartLists

Any SmartList you’ve built with SmartList Builder and SmartList Designer can be accessible via Popdock. Import any SmartLists you’ve previously made or used and display them in the user-friendly Popdock interface or website.

When you log in on Popdock’s website, the customizable dashboard can display your frequently accessed SmartList favorites. Whether the lists are standard, custom-made, or favorites, you can view and modify any of your GP SmartLists through Popdock.

Once Popdock is connected to Dynamics GP, eOne provides 90+ out-of-the-box, pre-populated SmartLists. These lists are all fully customizable. Edit anything on a list, including the name, the group it’s assigned to in Popdock, the name of fields, the field types, and much more.

Interact with your data

We’ve made it easy for users to interact with data. In the Popdock interface, you can easily make real-time edits, like:

  • Adding additional columns to your list (simply select which columns you want to bring in and see them update live)
  • Rearranging the order of the fields with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Grouping (e.g., group your payable transactions by vendor ID)
  • Asking more questions from your data and say goodbye to the four-filter limit of GP and SmartList (hit the additional filter button as many times as you want in Popdock)
Save your filters

Customers often filter lists based on date ranges. While you can continue filtering this way, now you also have the option to use our built-in compare fields. If you want to filter your list on last week’s or last month’s transactions, you don’t have to define that date range every time. You can use the compare fields as an alternative option.

Once the filters are applied, hit save and Popdock will re-query the system on its own.

Save your favorites

Similar to adding favorite lists in SmartList Builder, you can also save lists as favorites in Popdock.

Adding a list as a favorite will save any filters you’ve added or removed, any columns you’ve added or removed, and the order in which you moved the columns. You can access that configuration of your list at any time by saving it as a favorite.

Similar to adding favorite lists in SmartList Builder, you can also save lists as favorites in Popdock.

Adding a list as a favorite will save any filters you’ve added or removed, any columns you’ve added or removed, and the order in which you moved the columns. You can access that configuration of your list at any time by saving it as a favorite.

Popdock at a glance

Popdock’s virtual integration capabilities give you quick, easy access to GP SmartLists and data in any system or application you want.

With Popdock, you can:

  • Display data from one system inside another without moving the data
  • Easily work with both SQL Servers and REST APIs
  • Quickly access and view any of your GP SmartLists
  • Import your SmartList favorites and users and create new favorites
  • Customize your Popdock dashboard to display your frequently accessed SmartList favorites
  • Make real-time edits and interact with your data
  • Save your filters and favorites
  • Report on any type of data simultaneously in Popdock, GP, and any other ERP or CRM system or application
  • Connect and populate SQL tables and views inside the Popdock web application by company databases or the system database
  • See data in whatever format you like by fully customizing the details (you’re not limited to the out-of-the-box lists that come pre-populated)
  • Combine data from entirely different systems using custom lists, which allow you to create entirely new lists that may modify or combine data from separate lists
  • Add calculated, entirely new fields to any of our lists
  • Make it easier to read data from your GP SmartLists by adding color-coding rules to any SmartList inside Popdock so you can highlight an entire row or field
  • Stop jumping from one list to the next and present data all within one interface
  • Export data to Excel from the Popdock interface
  • Use the powerful details toolset that allows you to display related information without going from one list or application to another
  • Make multi-company lists from your GP environment where Popdock reads the list and associates the correct company with each transaction
How can you get Popdock?

Take your work to the next level for not only Dynamics GP but all your applications.

While this was only a quick overview of the functionality built into Popdock’s interface, you can learn more by talking with our sales team. Email them at or call 888-319-3663 ext. 1.

To see Popdock and GP in action, watch this video.

Do you already have a yearly subscription to SmartList Builder? Yearly subscriptions for SmartList Builder can easily be converted to a Popdock business or premium subscription, and any Popdock subscription automatically includes SmartView. Log into your account on the eOne portal and use the “set up account” option to connect Popdock to GP.