Popdock is a powerful tool that allows users to perform ad hoc reporting from a variety of data sources. In order to help your users get up to speed quickly, they will be enrolled in the self-paced Popdock training at eOne University when they are added as a user to Popdock.

The courses included with self-paced training include:

PD01 – Introduction to Popdock
Getting started with Popdock? Start here!  This course includes everything you need to know to get started navigating Popdock. Learn how to add new lists, group by columns, filter, and more.

PD02 – Adding Connectors
What is a connector? In this course, you will learn exactly what a connector is, and how you can configure one.

PD03 – Customizing Connectors
Customizing your connector is one of Popdock’s strongest features. See how you can join, merge, summarize, and compare lists.

PD04 – Customizing Lists
There are so many ways you can customize your list! In this course, we go over calculated fields, restrictions, list details, and more.

PD05 – Using Popdock API Endpoints
Learn how to use the API Endpoints feature in Popdock to get data into other applications.

Users will receive an email invitation to log in to their account at eOne University. Enrollment in Popdock self-paced training is free and permanent, so users can refer to the training if they have questions during the life of their Popdock subscription.

All Popdock subscription tiers include unlimited support, which can be accessed by calling 888-319-3663 and choosing option 2 or emailing support@eonesolutions.com.

eOne’s Customer Experience team can also help orient users to Popdock by calling 888-319-3663 or emailing experience@eonesolutions.com.