A new release of SmartList Builder 2016 (16.00.0014) and 2015 R2 (14.00.0228) have been released. 

The SmartList Builder 2016 release is compatible with all releases of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016.  The SmartList Builder 2015 R2 release is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 build 725 or higher.

New Features

There are 4 new features included in the SmartList Builder 2016 release:

        • Ability to select whether a restriction so use ‘and’ or ‘or’ when meeting the criteria of multiple restrictions.

            • A path has been added to the Table Finder found on each window in Microsoft Dynamics GP to tell you the path to the window

                • A new Totals window has been added to every SmartList, including Default ones, to show the Totals for all integer fields.  It can be found under the Additional menu

                    • SmartList Builder tables have been added to the Master Table options in Activity Tracking

                  Fix List

                  The follow is the Fix List for SmartList Builder 2016 and 2015.

                        • SmartList Shortcut for modified lists not working

                            • Built-in GoTo for Collections Management do not work

                                • Custom SLB report fails when using Extender integration and displaying Drop Down List field type

                                    • Parameters for Drilldown OpenReceivablesTransactionNumber in Add Drill Down window named wrong

                                        • View Name field in Excel Report Builder window hidden if not admin

                                            • Publish Excel Report that doesn’t have a View Name fails with misleading error message

                                                • View Creation in ERB doesn’t prompt when view already exists in SQL on Entry of view name

                                                    • Name of custom SLB SmartList shows incorrectly in Security Task Setup when Display Selected Items marked

                                                        • Table Finder gives error when accessing table that doesn’t exist in SQL

                                                            • SLB is looking for a different number of AA views than it creates

                                                                • slbAnalyticalAccountingHistTrx is not being created on SQL Binary install

                                                                    • Cannot Publish ERB with just Data Connection on it

                                                                        • SQL Script not working in NLB

                                                                            • SmartList Drill Downs return error after editing and using

                                                                                • SmartList Sort field removed from Smartlist will cause SLB to generate incorrect Order By clause and fail

                                                                                    • SLB fails when restricting by empty date

                                                                                        • Remove old SLB90000 GoTo records

                                                                                      You can find these new releases, along with the manuals and release notes at the following link.