Over the weekend my husband and I went hiking at a beautiful State Park in Pennsylvania. It was so nice to take a little break, enjoy the great outdoors and unwind from a week of work. Throughout our hike I couldn’t help but notice the leaves on the trees were not only starting their change into gorgeous shades of red, orange, and deep yellow but they were falling off the trees and floating to the ground in droves. It is amazing how seasons come and go so quickly, isn’t it? There’s no way around it, autumn is upon us.

At eOne, the mark of this new season brings a lot of excitement. We have been hard at work recruiting and hiring bright new talent, prepping to roll out our new website, gearing up for a ton of user groups and improving our products. For the next month or so, I’ll be sharing these new changes in detail with you every week. This week, let me start with our new talent for eOne:
Ken Hepworth

A big welcome to Ken Hepworth who joins the eOne team in Australia. QA is definitely one of the most important roles at eOne – without it, we would not be serving our 2000+ customers well.  Ken comes to us with over 12 years of experience, having focused on testing developer tools. Ken will head up our SmartConnect QA efforts and is a key addition to the team.

Danielle Boldenow

Joining the eOne office in Fargo, ND, is Danielle Boldenow, who will serve as Sales Assistant/Office Manager. As a recent Mass Communications grad, with experience heading-up the Social Media efforts as an intern for a local non-profit organization, Danielle’s insight and willingness to serve the team are a welcome addition!

We hope to have even more announcements like this soon as we are still looking for the best support techs, AX and CRM consultants, and pre-sales guns out there. If you’re interested, send your resume to Martin: martin.olsen@eonesolutions.com.