Greetings from GPUG Amplify 2017. 

The Extender developer and I are happy to announce that as we are sitting here between sessions, we have finished development and testing on the latest release of Extender.  There are two releases being posted today.  One for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and the other for 2015 R2.

Check out the new builds here:  Extender Downloads

New Features

  • Disable Menu option if it does not meet the restriction
  • Prefix on Extender views
Problem Reports Fixed

  • Create Tables doesn’t run Grant when switch companies instead of re-launch
  • Wrong Number of parameters sent to script ‘SetValueOnWindow’
  • Extender hangs GP when posting computer check
  • Can Save Extender Table Link without selecting a Table Field
  • Create Extender window based on POP Line Scroll – get error when trying to open the window cannot find PO Number
  • Description Field always required if using the field
  • Extender Auto Open feature runs when not expected
  • Extender Export/Import not bringing in Table Links
  • Extender Form does not put back unused IDs even though option is marked
  • GP hangs during posting of SOP documents that has two Extender windows on SOP Entry
  • GP Script on Window close event does not run
  • Refresh Scrolling window  on all detail forms and detail windows add code to delete lines from temp table and add lines back to temp table
  • Removing Key from Window doesn’t remove key from Table Links
  • Setting Auto Open on an Array field does not work
  • Table Links for Payables storing Voucher Number – Work
  • Having 2 unsaved Extender windows open at the same time causes incorrect Extender Record IDs to be assigned.