Curious about all the cool new things you now have access to? We’ve heard our customers’ feedback, and the good news is we are making a ton of progress and investments to enhance your suite of tools.

As you may know, we’re on the ERP journey with our customers and our product teams are focused on delivering the best data management platform help our customers be more agile, save time and lower their costs as they integrate, migrate and report.

Our mission is to help our customers be smarter about how they connect their ERP data, and you’ll see more from eOne as we align our products, SmartConnect and Popdock to support offerings for integration platform as a service (iPaaS), data integration, virtual integration, data migration, embedded ad-hoc reporting for end users, and SmartList reporting across multiple apps. Technology-wise, these offerings apply to our Microsoft customers and also for customers would using non-Microsoft ERP technology.

We’re really excited to give you a look at all the new features our customers now have access to.

Learn more below about the product updates:

Fully updated and re-written documentation for

Performance improvements

  • Caching data source windows – After a data source is opened for the first time, any subsequent accesses of the window will be 4-5 times faster during that session.
  • Improved connections windows – Access to existing connections window speed improved. Creating a new connection window opens 2 times faster.
  • Integration Setup windows – Business Central specific integrations should open 10 times faster than previously.
    • All other integrations should open 2-3 times faster.
  • General performance – All windows and screens should respond quicker in general when navigating through the application.

NetSuite enhancements

  • Custom fields – All custom fields within NetSuite are now supported and returned to the data source and mapping windows.
  • Actions – Additional actions can be run against objects in addition to data mapping.
    • For example, converting an order to an invoice.
  • Coming Soon: Conditional Lookups – Add criteria to lookup columns to only query for values against NetSuite if the criteria is met, otherwise return default values, nothing, or trigger the integration to return an error.

SmartConnect 21 &

Enhancements to Salesforce, Dynamics 365 (CRM), Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Dynamics 365 Finance

  • Clearing Date, Lookup, or Field options – Calculated fields have specific values that can be passed to clear values from existing fields. Lookup and Date data type fields specifically have been troublesome to clear in the past if existing values are present.
  • New Lookup options – If a lookup fails to find a value the options used to be limited to continuing the integration, triggering an error, or sending a default value. Now, an additional option to clear the value (if it exists) is available if no data is returned from the lookup.

New Task Types

  • Trello, Microsoft Teams, Slack Messages – Can send a message to any of those systems and can be used at any task stage of an integration.

New Data Source Connections

  • Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Outlook are all available as file sources utilizing the MSFT Graph API – These sources allow for folder data sources to be configured against these systems in addition to FTP/SFTP.

REST Connector enhancements

  • Service Lookups
    • Create definitions for REST lookups that can be used in REST destination integrations.
    • REST Lookups allow a map to query against any endpoint that is defined to return a field’s value based on criteria fields passed in.


Popdock Data Lake Upload Tool

  • Azure Data Lake as destination
  • Amazon S3 as a destination
  • Multi-Company support
  • Optimized Queries for Azure Data Lake
  • Zip support for Amazon S3
  • File Splits
  • Document Attach
  • Dynamics GP-SmartLists and Tables and Views
  • Dynamics SL-Quick Queries and Tables and Views
  • Dynamics NAV-Tables
  • SQL Server
  • Clean up of each file after uploading to save on disk space

Intacct Connector

  • Coming in September
  • Over 200 lists out of the box
  • Easy to embed any data inside the interface with Widgets


  • New Popdock Connector
  • New Dynamics 365 Sales Connector
  • Auto Refresh on Changed Fields
  • Resizable
  • Enhanced Security
  • Locale from Zendesk
  • Speed improvements in loading

Matrix Reports

  • Summarize and filter by Row or Column
  • Analyze and calculate
  • Operational Reports
  • Expand date fields to report by Week, Month, Quarter, Year, etc

Color Coding

  • Change the way rows or columns are displayed and filter by values
  • Apply to entire row, a specific field or even look for duplicate records 

Drag and Drop

  • This has been incorporated throughout the product
  • Reorder tabs
  • Defaults fields
  • List Variables
  • Widgets
  • Fields on Details
  • Fields on Actions

REST Connector Enhancements

  • Added OAuth2 authentication
  • Optimizations
  • Create a new list automatically by putting in an endpoint, no need for Postman

Dynamics GP Gateway

  • Support for importing SmartList Favorites and SmartView Favorites
  • Support for newer Extender features

Oracle Database Connector

  • Support direct connection to Oracle database

New Geographies

  • Canada
  • UK

New Summary methods on Summary Lists

  • Median
  • Mode
  • Distinct count
  • Distinct Values
  • First
  • Last Rank
  • Standard Deviation
  • Variation

Group By date type in Summary Lists

  • Month
  • Year
  • Fiscal Period

Fiscal Period Support for filtering and restricting

Add Dimensions with either Display Value or Description

Add Summary tables to Join Lists
</strong >
Add base restrictions to following lists

  • Summary
  • Compare
  • Merge

Added Search to many areas of the product

Improved Performance of following lists

  • Summary Lists
  • NetSuite

Improved Performance of Excel Export

NTLM Authentication for Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise

If you would like to learn more about these SmartConnect and Popdock updates or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at