Dynamics Communities’ Summit User Group event in Phoenix, AZ is one of our favorite events to sponsor every year. It is by far and away the most important event a Microsoft Dynamics user has the opportunity to attend. With user-led sessions diving deep into Dynamics products, insightful & inspiring key notes, and a plethora of training opportunities – it is worth investing your time to attend.

With that in mind, we’re bringing a bunch of our team to help you with your various needs. Here are the folks you need to connect with!
The eOne team – from the top left: Mark Anderson, Martin Olsen, Luke Steckler, Chris Hanson, Lorren Zemke, Chris Dew, Nicole Albertson. Bottom left: Chui Senanayake, Katie Soderberg, Naomi Olson, Alicia Bement. 

Remember, our team members will be in Phoenix to cover all your questions, including:

All Things GP
If you have questions about ways to make GP more efficient for you our team can introduce you to solutions to meet your need to integrate to, customize or report in GP.

All Things Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV/CRM
We’d be happy to answer your questions on integrating to Dynamics 365 – as well as to NAV or CRM. If you’re thinking about the best way to integrate your data, no matter where it lives, come talk to this fine crew.

Gettin’ Technical
As per usual, we bring team members that can answer your deep, technical, product-based questions. Want to talk about current projects you’re working on & how you can improve them, ask about best practices when building your very specific type of integration, or even bring up a support case? We invite you to do so!

All Things Popdock
Hailing from Austin, part of the crew (not shown above) will be focused on all things Popdock. Just what is Popdock? Popdock is a self-service BI tool that allows you to access all your cloud-based application data. Log into a single app to access all your data. Are you a fan of SmartList? If you answered yes, then you need to come talk to these guys.

Missing the person you REALLY want to talk to? Reach out to us now and we’ll connect. Email sales@eonesolutions.com to connect with the person you need.