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Running an integration, but nothing happens

Category: SmartConnect
Last Modified: 23 Oct 2008


When I run a SmartConnect map the progress screen comes up. It says integration complete but has not integrated any records.


This often happens when you have imported a map into SmartConnect. The destination database is not populated and you need to go an mark the database in which you would like this map to run.

On the main map screen, there is a GoTo box on the top right hand corner of the screen. Select companies from this menu and mark one or more GP companies in which you want to run this map.

Now run the map and the integration should run without any issues.


System Requirements for SmartConnect

Category: SmartConnect
Last Modified: 18 Mar 2009


What are the system requirements for SmartConnect?


The hardware and operating system requirements for SmartConnect are the same as the Microsoft requirements for Dynamics. So if your machines will successfully run Dynamics, you can run SmartConnect.

The following are additional requirements for SmartConnect

1. The client machines must have Microsoft.NET framework 3.0 or higher installed.
2. If they want to integrate with CRM, they MUST be on CRM 4.0
3. If they want to integrate with CRM, or use the Excel addin for SmartConnect, they need to have IIS installed on a server machine on the network. This machine will have a SmartConnect Web service installed on it.
4. If they are on Dynamics 9.0, they have to have at LEAST Service Pack 2 loaded. Any service pack above 2 is fine.
5. If they are on Dynamics 10.0 they can have any service pack loaded.
6. If they want to use Windows Vista, or Windows 2008 server, they need to be on Dynamics 10.0. The 9.0 SmartConnect product is not compatible with Vista or Windows 2008 at this time.