I love stories that take something typical and make it great. Almost everyone has a dog (or at least knows someone who does), but in the 50’s, the writers of the tv series “Lassie” transformed an ordinary collie from a man’s best friend to that AND an everyday hero. How about Rosa Parks? She was an ordinary lady who changed history by taking her ordinary situation and making an extraordinary move. What about Facebook? Love it or hate it, the creators took an ordinary desire for people to stay connected with their friends (and maybe spy on a few others) and came up with an extraordinary solution that millions of people have gotten around.

Now before this begins to sound like a speech at a prep-school graduation, think about one thing: your customers may have “ordinary,” inefficient workflow processes and you have the opportunity to create extraordinary solutions. Yes, SmartConnect is an integration tool, that’s true, but what else can it do? It helps you create extraordinary solutions for your customers. Here are a few stories I’ve heard lately:

• One customer is using a single eXtender Enterprise window as the datasource for around 14 SmartConnect maps, which run and do everything from push information to CRM; create SOP, PO & payroll transactions in GP; handle their receivables transactions; create new field service screens and more.

• Another customer uses SmartConnect to update GP with orders that come from their website, create a sales transaction entry, and create a new customer in CRM.

• A new SmartConnect user got creative and ….COMPLETE THIS STORY

So what’s the point? We want to help you identify and know how to create extraordinary solutions for your customer. And training is the answer. If you’re trained, you’ll know how to create the extraordinary solution for your customer because you’ll see what can be done with the ordinary. Our training is not just a technical “deep dive” but it’s also a chance for you to be awakened to the possibilities (and billable hours) that are out there.

Join us for our 2010 classroom training sessions:

January 21 – 22, 2010 – New York

February 26 – Minneapolis, MN

March 11 – Houston, TX

March 12 – Irvine, CA

If you’d like to sign up to attend the sessions or if you have further questions, please contact me directly: abbey.heesch@eonesolutions.net. Our sessions will fill very quickly and we do have limited seating available, so please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your place in the training.