Sometimes you start to question how good you and your products really are? Do people really care and do they make peoples and businesses lives easier?

I have a friend (colleague) who has worked extensively with Dynamics GP with SmartConnect.  He recently took a job which sees him working with another cloud based ERP product – NetSuite.  The first project he had with that solution was the need for some reasonably complex integration work.

He spoke with the professional services team of the NetSuite provider to request a quotation and it came back at a minimum of 150hrs services. He was astonished when he called me and said that he knew for a fact that he could knock it off in less than 40hours if he was working with GP and SmartConnect.

There is no tool that is easier to use, more flexible and better value for money than SmartConnect. For GP integration or CRM integration there is no need to look anywhere else.

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