zendesk & smartconnect-01We’re pleased to introduce Zendesk Integration using SmartConnect.  Here is what you need to know:

About the Zendesk Integration available with SmartConnect 
The Zendesk Integration in SmartConnect allows you to generate new data when you integrate Zendesk with all the systems, API’s and files that SmartConnect supports.  In SmartConnect 2016, Zendesk is one of the eOne-tested REST service providers.

What is the difference between the Zendesk-CRM Connector (released Fall 2015) vs. using SmartConnect for Zendesk Integration?

Last fall, eOne released the Zendesk-CRM Connector, which has been available for purchase via the Zendesk marketplace and is a good fit for a lot of companies.  The Zendesk-CRM Connector primarily displays data within Zendesk and within CRM.  So, for example, if you’re in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM account, you can see the Zendesk tickets displayed within an iFrame on that account form.  One important point to note is that the Zendesk-CRM Connector integration is hard-coded–what you see is what you get.  It’s not configurable.

By contrast, Zendesk Integration using SmartConnect is very configurable and allows you to automate the creation of new data.  This has been a popular request especially when integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, because generating new data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows companies to trigger next steps based on that data and to also better leverage that data for reporting.

Are there integration templates (starting points) available for integrating with Zendesk?

Yes.  To start, we’re offering integration templates for Zendesk – Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Here is a summary of the integration templates:

Zendesk Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration Direction
Organizations Accounts Zendesk Organizations to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accounts
Users Contacts Zendesk Users to Dynamics CRM Contacts
Tickets Cases Zendesk Tickets to Dynamics CRM Contacts

Keep in mind that you can modify these templates and can enable/disable integration templates in SmartConnect.  Both Zendesk and Microsoft Dynamics CRM may be used as a source or destination when you build your integrations using SmartConnect.

Where can the integration templates be downloaded?

The Zendesk-Microsoft Dynamics CRM templates are available for download here.  Instructions for downloading and using these templates are available here.

Can you integrate Zendesk with other systems, besides Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Of course!  SmartConnect allows you to connect any source to any destination and transform your data along the way.  SmartConnect offers both application-specific and generic connectors, so you can now integrate Zendesk with Dynamics NAV, Salesforce.com, and more.  You can review the data sources and destinations that SmartConnect supports here.

Have questions? Interested in finding out more? Reach out to us!