Designing and delivering an integration can get complex quickly, regardless of the integration tool being used.  In order to better support to our partners who are delivering mission-critical, larger-scale integration projects, we’re introducing a new services offering called the Integration Advisory Plan. 

The goal of this offering is to help our partners take the smart approach to deliver complex integration projects successfully using SmartConnect.  To do this, eOne will provide a proactive consultative support throughout each integration project phase (for up to 6 months) for the partner who is building and delivering an integration project for a specific customer.

The Integration Advisory Plan can be purchased at the eOne Shop, may be utilized for up to 6 months, and must be purchased per customer.  

As a part of the Integration Advisory Plan, eOne will:

      • Introduce a dedicated eOne integration consultant to the partner consultant/delivery.
      • Schedule a kick-off call to review the integration project goals and the partner’s delivery timeline plan.
      • (If needed) Provide a 2-hour private training to the partner delivery team.
      • Review, provide feedback and advise on integration design.
      • Be a part of every integration project meeting.
      • Review testing plans and test results.  eOne will make recommendations based on test results to the integration team.
      • Provide priority go-live support for 2 weeks after the go-live date.
      • At project close, eOne will provide options for ongoing support available once the 2-week priority go-live support is complete.

If you have questions about this offering, you can reach out to eOne’s sales team at +1-888-319-3663 or email