David Youngquist, our support and eOne product guru, shares his tips on adding the Remit to Address ID to SmartConnect.

These steps will work for any eConnect parameter that is included in the eConnect SDK, but does not show up in SmartConnect.  

1. First find out the Element Name that you need to add to SmartConnect.  In this case we want to add the Remote to Address ID to the Payables Transaction Node.  From the SDK, the correct format is this.  

2. Open SmartConnect and go to the Maintenance tab.  Click on Node Maintenance on the far right.  

3. In the Node Maintenance Window, find the Node you need to add the parameter to and double click on it.

4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click Add Field.

5. In the new line that gets added, type in the parameter name exactly like it shows in the eConnect documentation. Match the data type to what the eConnect SDK says. In this case it’s a string.  
6. Click Save on the “Create / Update Node” window, then click Save on the “Microsoft Dynamics GP Node Maintenance” window.  
7. Your map will now have the field available to map.  

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