When brainstorming ways we could benefit our partners more as an ISV, the idea of a fast, easy, flexible, up to date, comprehensive demo environment came to mind. So our Director of Product Management, Chris Dew, worked his magic and the eOne Sandbox was created – allowing you to share, test and sell Dynamics GP, CRM, the entire eOne Suite and even Salesforce.com!

Curious to learn more? Abbey Cooper has created two videos for you to review below:

The first being a 15 minute video of the “eOne Sandbox Demo” she hosted earlier this year. She will take you through what the Sandbox is, how to access it and walks you through the “famous7 Minute Demo:

eOne Sandbox – Extended Session

If you don’t have time to watch the 15 minute demo, then the 2 minute overview is for you:

2 Minute eOne Sandbox Demo Overview

It is our hope that the eOne Sandbox will benefit you as a partner as a great resource for your consultants, sales reps, account managers and pre-sales team members.

If you have any questions regarding the Sandbox please email your Account Manager or sales@eonesolutions.com