One of things I loved as a kid was going to the grocery store and getting “free samples”. Even as an adult today, I still love the experience of going to a store that has “free samples” to try new things. I believe this experience is a great way to find out exactly how the food tastes and smells before you prepare it at home in your own environment.

I had to ask myself, “why can’t we create that same experience for our Partners and Customers at eOne”. This is why we have created sets of sample data that will allow you to have this same experience when you start using Popdock. We have started with seven reports that aren’t specific to any type of ERP, CRM or other system but will deliver the same concepts of the data no matter what systems you are using. The sample data connector is automatically installed when you create a new Popdock Trial or can be added to any existing account by choosing the Sample Data connector.

This will allow you to test out the power of filtering, grouping and even combining lists. The ability to join lists to other pieces of data can be demonstrated by tying one of the Invoices lists to a Customer or Contact list. You can even try out a merge list by joining Historical Invoices to Open Invoices. All of these features are there for you to demonstrate without needing to get credentials to login to other systems. We will be adding more lists as needed.

Watch Popdock in action here:

The last thing that I’m excited about is how this will allow us to deliver Self-Paced Training for Popdock. With a standard set of data to reference we can deliver the same experience to everyone. Stay tuned for updates on when we release this training in a future blog! But for now, try out a free trial of Popdock.