It is not often that a software house offers up code for FREE. But here you have it, the Dynamics CRM next number generator is free from eOne from today. You can download this tool from

What is it: The simple next number generator for CRM is something that many of our partners had developed as one of solutions for their clients. The tool allows you to define you own next number sequence for any CRM entity. You can use this tool with or without SmartConnect.
We have found that our partners need a way of generating sequential numbers for entities in CRM – for example Vendors. To integrate neatly with GP you can use the tool to generate the next number in CRM, and then use this as the key field for integrating for GP. This ensures that there is a unique identifier across both systems for this entity.
We also have partners using this tool for custom entities and generating unique numbers to track these records.
Why is it free: To help out our partners. To make working in CRM and integrating to GP easier where you need this next number functionality. We have also found that every partner/customer wants a different rule – so we are making our development project available so you can take this and customize it further to suit your specific needs.
Is the support free: Absolutely not. If you are a CRM implementer/developer you will understand this tool and how it works. Take it, use it and benefit from our efforts. If you want to call eOne and get assistance with it, you will need to purchase support from us.