Calling everyone who present demo’s of GP. You need to know eXtender and you need to know how to use it to win new sales.

I have found recently that Microsoft Dynamcis GP eXtneder (while is sells really well) is nearly always being used just to capture a few fields here and maybe a field there. To help all my presales friends I am going to run an online eXtender presles training event, aimed purely at presales.

You ned to attend if:

– You ever do GP demos

– You think eXtener is too hard

– You want to sell more GP

– you think it takes to long to come up with eXtender scenarios

What we will Learn:

– What eXtender objects should you always carry in your demo toolbox, just in case.

– How to whip up something that will blow away the prospect

– Why what you build should never be perfect. You are required to make mistakes.

– When to build on the fly.

– When to ask for a 10 minute coffee break

– Why adding a brand new eXtender field to an Excel Report Builder report is too cool.

– How to use SmartConnect to close the deal.

– Why never to use the word Extender in your demo.

So to make it easy, we are goign to run these sessions in the evening after you have completed your 8 hr billable day, been to the Gym, put the kids to bed or are kicking back in your hotel room.

The next session will be on the