This article looks at how to include sanscript code on an eXtender form from any of the following trigger points:

  • Field Entry of any field
  • Field Change of any field
  • Field Exit of any field
  • On opening the object
  • On clicking on an extra window (button)

We will specifically explore here the way to embed sanscript code into an eXtender form to open a regular GP window and pass some parameters.

In this example, a Property Management application was created using eXtender.A tenant form was created to allow tenant information to be tracked.The tenants are setup as customers in Great Plains.

An extra window was added at the bottom of the window that is labeled Rent Payment. The Rent Payment button has a few lines of sanscript code that will automatically open the Cash Receipts Entry window, and automatically populate the Customer Number with the Tenant ID. This is ideal to give the work flow process that is ideal for the customer.

The code that performs this operation is repeated here. If you are a developer you will understand this perfectly. If you do not understand what is below then you should not be writing logic code and should either contact us at eOne for consulting help or contact you local dex guru who can whip up scripts in no time.

local string ls_tenant_id;
call with name “GetString” in dictionary 3107,ls_tenant_id,”Form”,”PM_TENANT_CARD”,CurrentID,1,”Header”,0;

open form RM_Cash_Receipts;
set ‘Customer Number’ of window RM_Cash_Receipts of form RM_Cash_Receipts to ls_tenant_id;

run script ‘Customer Number’ of window RM_Cash_Receipts of form RM_Cash_Receipts;