I discovered this week that one of our very best resellers had never implemented the Excel data entry Templates for SmartConnect. This reseller sells SmartConnect on every deal, but had never had time to get around the templates.

The concept behind the templates is that GP customers can enter transactions into a predefined excel format, and at the click of a button that record ends up in GP. The out of the box templates cover:
General Ledger
Sales Orders
Purchase Orders
Inventory Transactions and Transfers

Every prospect you meet will love the ability to enter certain transactions in Excel and have it go right to GP. Simply think of the license savings. Whether this be letting the warehouse process inventory adjustments or transfers, the accountants posting accrual journals from excel or project managers entering invoices, I am yet to see a prospect that does not light up at the prospect of this.

Existing customers also need their eyes opened to the possibility. Help them rework their business process and stop doing rework. Why not have the junior accountant enter journals into Excel, and then send that to the senior accountant for review and pushing into GP. Why not let the sales team punch those simple sales orders into an excel format on their laptop – then have them hit GP next time they are near an internet connection. (no need for massive spend on CRM).

Now our templates are just that, templates. We do not try and cover every scenario, but we do provide you access to all our code and design. Take our templates, modify them to fit your need and you are golden. Happy customers, and higher billables is always a good combination.

Take a look at our templates here.