eOne Solutions and Cadran Consultancy are excited to announce a strategic partnership between the two organizations.

Cadran Consultancy, with over 25 years of expertise in ERP systems for wholesale and manufacturing, proudly stands as the first eOne NetSuite partner in the Benelux region. They have been at the forefront of revolutionizing business processes, ensuring that companies of all sizes, thrive in today’s dynamic market.

We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with eOne Solutions. This collaboration opens up new avenues for our clients, enabling us to provide cutting-edge iPaaS solutions that seamlessly integrate with their unique business requirements. Our commitment to delivering excellence remains steadfast, and we look forward to the mutual growth and success that this strategic partnership promises.

Marcel van Es, Sales Team Leads at Cadran Consultancy

About Cadran:

Since Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite, Cadran has been the trusted NetSuite partner in the Benelux. As a key player in the International Joint Venture Redfaire International, their reach extends to over 23 countries, making them a global force in ERP implementations.

Cadran specializes in understanding unique business processes and tailoring ERP systems to fit seamlessly. Their commitment to excellence has positioned them as a leader in the industry. The company brings a wealth of experience, providing solutions that empower businesses to adapt, grow, and thrive.

Why Partner with eOne?

Cadran Consultancy chose to partner with eOne Solutions to provide their customers with a unique iPaaS Solution offering both traditional and virtual integration. Having a unified platform will allow them to offer solutions that fit their customers’ business needs. eOne’s iPaaS platform allows them to offer traditional integration by moving data, virtual integration by surfacing external data in a system, and robust reporting options.

For Oracle NetSuite, eOne’s comprehensive data management suites provide a no-code/low-code strategy for companies to handle multiple critical scenarios for NetSuite:

  • Migrating from legacy ERP systems and database structures to Oracle NetSuite
  • Integrating cloud and on-premise apps through API’s, database, and file integration.
  • Combining data sources into API’s to be consumed into Microsoft Excel or BI tools like PowerBI or Tableau.
  • Allowing users to run integrations from within Microsoft Excel.
  • Integrating CRM’s like Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce with NetSuite.
  • Integrating eCommerce apps like Shopify, WooCommerce or Adobe Magento with NetSuite.
  • Real-time embedded reporting in any app where you collaborate or need visibility – inside a NetSuite dashboard, on a portal, or in a collaboration app like Microsoft Teams.

I am excited to welcome our first Oracle NetSuite partner in the Netherlands, Cadran Consultancy. With their 25 years of expertise in ERP systems, their team is dedicated to understanding their customers’ business processes and providing solutions that allow them to excel and grow as a business. I am looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership and enhancing their customers’ functionality.

Madalynn Woolery, Partner Development Manager for EMEA states

To learn more about Cadran’s Oracle NetSuite offerings, visit: www.cadran.nl

To view Cadran’s listing in our partner directory, visit: https://www.eonesolutions.com/partner/cadran-consultancy/

To learn more about eOne’s iPaaS, visit: www.eonesolutions.com