Let me start by saying I love clouds in general. I even love ‘the cloud’.  And yes like everyone else we are packing up house, calling the removalists and moving to the cloud.

Something in the integration space that I am bemused and amused about is the way companies and integration providers are actively trying to ‘decloud the cloud’. There are number of providers and in particularly I have seen our friends at Scribe offering a service that replicates your cloud database locally.  This is advertised as their big venture into the cloud!! To me this is entirely anti-cloud.

My understanding is that the great advantage of cloud is that it reduces the need to maintain and manager IT tools like databases locally on premise. I can only guess that there are big problems with cloud functionality that make people want to de-cloud part of their solutions.

Is reporting on cloud data so difficult you need to locally?
Is the undo function so bad in the cloud that you need to manage data locally?
Do backup and restore functions work badly enough to not trust them?

If anyone feels the need  to take their CRM database or Salesforce database or even GP database and replicate it locally – we can certainly help with SmartConnect – but I for one think if you have chosen to go cloud  then this is not something to be spending you time.  If there are issues with your cloud application then i would strongly recommend putting pressure on the developers of that solution to fix it rather than trying replicate your entire database locally.

If you find yourself trying to make your cloud more like on premise – perhaps you were not ready to go cloud with that application.