With the new releases of Extender, Flexicoder, SmartList Builder, SmartPost, and SmartView for Microsoft Dynamics GP starting with the October 2019 release, the registration process has changed a little bit.

Instead of using a release specific registration key, we have switched to using the Account Code.  If you are familiar with the SmartConnect registration process, it is the same Account Code being used there.

If you are installing or updating to the Microsoft Dynamics GP October 2019 release or a later one, you will want to make sure when generating your registration code, you select the Product listed without a “year” on them.  This will generate the Account Code for you.  Your Account Code will be the same for all of these products releases.

For more information on the new releases, check out this post:  October 2019 Releases of Extender, SmartList Builder, SmartView, SmartPost, and Flexicoder are Available Today.