This is a guest blog written by Claire Sanford, Copywriting Intern at Shipstation

Every business has a unique set of needs, which is why ShipStation and eOne Solutions have partnered to create an integration between ShipStation and Microsoft Dynamics GP that makes life even simpler for online businesses. With eOne, ShipStation can now help more businesses cut on unnecessary shipping costs and improve their workflows.

Shipping is one of the most important components of customer satisfaction and doing it right can add significant value to your brand. A great shipping process satisfies the needs of your business and its customers. ShipStation is a solution that can help make the shipping process quicker and easier for your team: automatically import orders from wherever you sell into ShipStation’s hub and manage all order fulfillment from here. Compare live carrier rates, batch print shipping labels, create automation rules customized to your workflows, and more. Shipping efficiently will ensure that orders are delivered to customers sooner and with more precision. ShipStation can help save time and costs associated with shipping so that you can allocate resources where they are needed most.

How ShipStation Improves Shipping:

  • View all of your orders from different selling channels and platforms in one place

If you sell on multiple platforms, it can be difficult to keep track of all of your orders. With ShipStation, all of your orders from wherever you sell are automatically imported into your account. From here, you can organize orders by criteria like urgency so you can make sure the right orders get out on time. You can also compare live carrier rates and take advantage of negotiated ShipStation rates to ensure you’re getting the lowest prices possible.

  • Assign specific orders to ShipStation users across different warehouses

If you are operating from different warehouses, you can use automation rules to assign certain orders to the appropriate user or warehouse location. This eliminates any time wasted separating orders out between employees or warehouses.

  • Batch shipments and use automation to print labels quicker

Use the batch shipping feature to automatically group together similar shipments. These groups can be defined by any criteria you need to make your workflow more efficient—such as international shipments, specific products, priority shipments, etc. Batches can be assigned to respective users and warehouses, making workflows simpler. Users can then create and print labels for an entire batch with just the click of a button.

Automation rules like service mapping make the fulfillment process even simpler. Your business may offer customers different shipping options such as free ground shipping or expedited shipping. In ShipStation, you can assign these different shipping options to specific carrier services. For example, anytime an “expedited shipping” order is imported into ShipStation, service mapping will automatically assign the order to FedEx’s overnight service.

How eOne Improves Shipping:

  • Integrate ShipStation with Microsoft Dynamics GP

SmartConnect provides an out-of-the-box integration for ShipStation and Microsoft Dynamics GP to keep your ERP and Shipping data in sync. The included templates are a two-way integration solution, allowing data to flow in both directions between the two systems.

  • Customers Created in ShipStation are Created in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Customers Updated in ShipStation are Updated in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Items Created in ShipStation are Created in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Items Updated in ShipStation are Updated in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Invoices Created in Microsoft Dynamics GP Create Orders in ShipStation

Any of the mappings can be changed or configured – additional fields can be included, or new maps can be added to fit specific needs.

  • Integrate ShipStation with Your On-premise or Cloud Applications

As your business grows and changes, so will your software and integration needs. SmartConnect provides an intuitive, powerful and affordable toolset that allows you to quickly configure ShipStation integrations to handle your specific business requirements.

Integrate new selling channels, your ERP, reporting software, and more with pre-built connections for ShipStation and all the apps you want to integrate, including connections for REST & SOAP web services, ODBC, SQL, Flat File, Excel, and more.

To see how ShipStation can help you ship more efficiently, begin a free trial.

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