Upon being employed as the Business Manager at eOne, I realized my most valuable tool was SmartView. Not only for fast reporting, but because it was extremely easy to learn. 

I had never used GP, only other accounting software like Quickbooks. When learning GP, one of the most frustrating parts for me was to see if someone had paid their renewal and what method they used to pay. Or if someone would call, to have quick access to the invoices they were referencing and all the information in one spot. I thought, why does this have to be so painful?! 
With the help of our SmartList Builder Expert, Nicole Albertson, we were able to customize a couple of lists for me to move into SmartView and also manipulate the canned lists that were already existing within SmartView. It took me a couple days of just playing around with SmartView to really grasp what I could do with it. I now have approximately 25 favorite lists I’ve created myself. These range from daily sales, to monthly sales, to project accounting tracking for commission reports. The greatest part about this is I can share these lists with whomever I want in our office!
I also have had several chances to install SmartView. It’s a running joke at eOne as to when I will break my next computer. I’m on number 3 so far and I’ve only been here for 10 months. With each computer I’ve had to reinstall SmartView External and all I needed to know was the server name (I know this by memory now). So the ease of install is incredible (no nerd involvement needed).  😉
SmartView took me a very short time to learn and I’m now able to give demos on the product. If you can use a mouse, you can do a SmartView demo. This product saves me around 5-8 hours a week of admin time and I highly recommend it as it is truly my favorite tool here at eOne. 
Please take a look here at SmartView. I promise you can’t report quickly without it! 
Alicia Bement
Business Manager