Will you be doing CRM and ERP Integrations in 2018?  Take advantage of SmartConnect Training to jump-start your upcoming projects.

Here’s a quick summary of the 2018 SmartConnect Training Opportunities:

SmartConnect for CRM Integration Self-Paced Training |$500/Company| Annual Subscription

eOne’s self-paced SmartConnect for CRM Integration covers the topics you need to know to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365.  Included is a training environment and 14 sections–each with a topic overview, video, and hands-on exercise to complete.  You will become very familiar with features specific to working with CRM –including (but not limited to) Entity Lookups, List Option Set Lookups, Activity Parties, Advanced Messages and Reference data.

Visit our eOne shop page to acquire your annual subscription for your company and have as many team members access the training as you’d like.  


SmartConnect Training – Private Online | $215/hour | Minimum 4 hours

eOne’s online training attempts to replicate the best of face-to-face training with the convenience of online training.  Our widely popular online, private training sessions are conducted by our product gurus, live over join.me, with all the interaction you need.  We allow you to have multiple participants from your organization attend so you can stretch your training dollars.  We run our online, private sessions in 4 hour blocks of time and will cover what you prefer.  

Visit our eOne shop page to pay for the 4 hour block of time.  Once you’ve paid for the hours email services@eonesolutions.com to schedule your session.

SmartConnect Training – Public Online| $215/participant/session

If you don’t have 4 hours of time on your hands, you can join us for one of our topic-based public online sessions (see description and topics here).  Each session runs for 1 hour at a time and is $215/participant/session.  These sessions are great if you are just starting out with SmartConnect and want an introduction to the product. 

Visit the eOne shop page to pay for the eOne training hour(s), and then sign up for your SmartConnect Online Public Training on the eOne Events page.

SmartConnect Training – Private Onsite | $215/hour for services and travel time + $300/day for Daily Expenses + Flights (per 8 attendees)

Sometimes things just need to be about you, your team and the best outcome.  Private training is the perfect solution for companies who need to have their team focused not only on learning the product but implementing it after they’ve been trained.  We send a trainer to your site, provide two full days of training and then stick around for one or two additional days to help ensure that you’re practicing and implementing what you’ve learned and doing so successfully.  

Our private training sessions are designed to help our partners and customers truly become product gurus.  The companies taking advantage of private, onsite training are those who prefer to be independent on the implementation and support of the products.   History suggests that companies who engage eOne in private training benefit from:

– Internal ownership of the solution

– Knowledge across a wide group of people and not a single expert

– Better solutions as the training is based on real life scenarios

– Reduced cost of ownership over time

– Solutions that better fit their business

To schedule a private training, email services@eonesolutions.com.  (Note that you will need to purchase hours prior to scheduling the time.  If you’d like advice on the number of hours to purchase, email sales@eonesolutions.com)

SmartConnect Training – Regional Bootcamps |Pricing, discount and course information available 


We host training at a new location each month, near major US cities.  The SmartConnect Bootcamps are open for both eOne partners and customers.  In 2018, per each location, we’re offering a 2-day SmartConnect Overview Bootcamp ($1,400/person) and a 1-Day SmartConnect for CRM Bootcamp ($1,000/person).   Discounts are available when sending multiple people from the same company and when registering for all 3 days.

Each attendee will receive hands on training from our experienced consultants, our latest training manual, and our training image.  After the training session, each participant has the opportunity to take a test and become SmartConnect Certified.  To register, view additional pricing information, the course descriptions, and see the cities we’ll be in next, visit www.eonesolutions.com/scbootcamp.

SmartConnect Office Hours with Chris Dew | No CostChrisDewCircle

Join us on Fridays at 1pm for SmartConnect Office Hours with Chris Dew, eOne’s Director of Product Management to ask your SmartConnect-related questions.  This 30-minute Q&A session is designed for our partner sales, consultants, and technical gurus and is focused on helping answer questions related to the SmartConnect solution, the SmartConnect offering, and integration scenarios.  The SmartConnect Office Hours is hosted via GoToWebinar.

Visit our eOne Events page to register.

Have questions?  Contact sales@eonesolutions.com.  We can help acquaint you with our training and next steps.