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Wintergreen Learning Materials


For over 35 years, Wintergreen Learning Materials has provided Canada and beyond with quality educational materials and product. With a warehouse to manage, at least 850 orders flowing through Microsoft Dynamics GP per week, and a dedicated sales staff in need of reports, Wintergreen searched for an intuitive, end-user tool for their team to use for reporting.

Project Scope

After utilizing SmartList and finding that it was too slow for their users and needed to be more intuitive, Wintergreen searched the web for a solution. They quickly located SmartView from eOne Solutions and were able to see a demo video on demand. “After watching the video, that was pretty much it. I knew SmartView would help us off the bat” commented Wayne Murphy, Manager, IT Services, at Wintergreen. “My consulting team installed SmartView and we quickly gave access to our users.”

The Solution

The team at Wintergreen found SmartView easy to use. “The users especially liked the fact that they could now easily identify the available fields to add as columns in the SmartList. Just that feature alone has cut down my requests for SmartList changes from 3 requests per week to 1 request every three weeks.”

“We are using SmartView to look at every SmartList we need. From Purchase Order lists, to inventory management, to absolutely every list in Sales, it’s all seen in SmartView.”


Murphy shared his excitement around SmartView “it is user intuitive – everyone got it right away. That saved me time on training, and again, in having to create the lists for them.” Continuing, Murphy shared “I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who’s considering it. It’s really a no-brainer for GP users.”

Wintergreen Learning Materials

Systems Used

Dynamics GP

eOne Software Used





In need of a reporting tool to manage 850 orders flowing per week and a dedicated staff in need of reports.


  • Went from 3 SmartList change requests per week to 1 request every three weeks.
  • Easy to use – saving time on training.
  • Able to view every SmartList needed.