No bait & switch.

ERP integration is more affordable and easier than you think.

Until now, there hasn’t been a practical and cost-effective iPaaS giving you the control that mid-market companies need for their custom requirements. Here’s the good news: you can cut the manual data entry, and go from wasted days to just minutes to integrate, migrate, and report on your ERP data.

Watch the 2-minute video on the eOne iPaaS offering.
Dynamics 365 Finance
Dynamics 365 Business Central
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Dynamics 365 Finance
Dynamics 365 Business Central

The only app data management platform that does it all…
so you don’t have to

Integrate data at the right time between cloud and on-premise apps.

“Virtually” integrate data between cloud and on-premise apps.

Provide real-time interactive embedded reports where your team collaborates.

Flexibly trigger file integration with your apps – refresh any report, push data to other apps, and automate.

Optimize large volume and API scenarios with data lake management options.

Sorry, no more 30-minute coffee break waiting for your integration.

What this comes down to is really making the lives of my team much easier and eliminating unnecessary data entry. We couldn’t be as efficient as we are without the use of SmartConnect.

Nate DeJonge, Vice President of Finance at Eagle’s Flight
Testimonial image - Nate DeJonge

Before SmartConnect was in place, this was all done manually and was taking an extreme amount of time. The whole process from start to finish was eating a few days for at least 2 people. Now, with SmartConnect, we’re down to minutes a day for these orders

Blake Miller, IT & Network Manager at Frame USA
Testimonial image - Blake Miller

Working with SmartConnect and the eOne team, we are saving between $15,000 and $17,000.
It is great to find one tool that does everything we need

Doug Spieth, IT Director at Tippmann Sports
Testimonial image - Doug Spieth

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150+ industries in
47 countries

are breaking their data language barriers.

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