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Popdock Bootcamp

Do you need top-notch reporting capabilities in your new system? Attend one of our Popdock Bootcamps, either in person or virtually!

We want you to get the most value out of your Popdock investment. Popdock's easy-to-use platform provides a familiar reporting environment for your team. Building lists in your new cloud ERP can be just as easy as it was in your legacy, on-premise system. Best of all, you can use Popdock to report on data from any of your apps, and make the data accessible to your end users to work with easily.

In this instructor-led classroom training, we’ll cover Popdock basics and take a deep dive into important topics like creating your lists, combining data with custom lists, and embedding Popdock data (graphs or lists) in a way that’s easy to work within your end users’ app.

Day 1: Get Started with Popdock

  • Navigating Popdock
  • Creating favorites and charts
  • Adding new Connectors
  • Modifying connector default lists
  • Custom List Building, including:
    • Custom Lists
    • Compare Lists
    • Join Lists
    • Merge Lists
    • Summary Lists
  • Calculated Fields
  • Restricting data in a list
  • Popdock Actions


DAY 2: Deep Dive on Advanced Detail

  • Popdock security and profile administration
  • Adding Popdock details
  • Using the Popdock REST API as a data source for PowerBI or Excel
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Creating Popdock Widgets, including
    • Single List
    • Card
    • Sidebar
    • Multi-List
    • Single Record
    • Summary
  • Embedding Popdock Widgets
Date Jun 17, 10:00 am - Jun 18, 2:00 pm (CDT)
Registration Deadline Tuesday, June 11
Price 1,000.00