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EMEA D365 Business Central Integration Bootcamp – Hosted Online

Make your next D365 Business Central integration project a huge success by attending D365 Business Central Integration Bootcamp.

We aim to make you an integration expert, so you can successfully create and manage complex integrations, be smart about how you approach integrations (both virtual and traditional), and get the most value out of your eOne investment.

What is the advantage of attending?

There are many:

  • You are part of structured training.
  • You have direct contact with an eOne product guru.
  • You build a relationship with an eOne product guru.
  • You get to interact with like-minded peers.
  • You get to learn from like-minded peers.  Hear their ideas and ask questions.
  • You get the best possible, hands-on experience.
Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to create simple or complex Dynamics 365 Business Central integrations without writing code.

What this bootcamp covers

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration bootcamp includes exercises based around SmartConnect (eOne’s data integration platform) and Popdock (eOne’s virtual integration platform).

SmartConnect Exercises include:

  • Introduction to the Business Central Web Services and Endpoints
  • Connecting to Business Central via OAuth 2.0
  • Using Business Central as a Source and as a Destination in SmartConnect
  • Considerations for bulk and ongoing integrations
  • Handling look-ups and other data transformation during your integration
  • The SmartConnect Excel Add-in
  • Monitoring and Managing Errors

Popdock Exercises include:

  • Popdock install and configuration in Business Central
  • Implementing Popdock Security
  • Popdock Query Builder for Business Central
  • Embedding Widgets anywhere
  • Popdock for accessing historical data


Price 1,000.00