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  • Right Farm Flawlessly Integrates Their Systems with SmartConnect
Customer Story

Right Farm Flawlessly Integrates Their Systems with SmartConnect

Learn how Right Farm enhanced operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating their proprietary platform with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Salesforce using SmartConnect.

Right Farm’s Background

Founded in 2021, Right Farm is a quickly growing B2B (Business to Business) technology company that is revolutionizing the food supply chain in the MENA (Middle East/Northern Africa) region. Based in the United Arab Emirates, Right Farm is transforming how businesses source their produce by aggregating the local and global supply of food through an innovative online B2B buying platform.

Right Farm is leveraging the power of data and technology to optimize the process of sourcing fresh produce and modernizing the connection between food suppliers and businesses. The company is on a mission to create a more sustainable supply chain while addressing food security by increasing operational and financial efficiencies across the fresh produce value chain.

Problems & Challenges

Right Farm was looking for a solution that would enable them to integrate their proprietary platform with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Salesforce. The goal was to ensure that their various systems stay in sync and do not overlap in their source of truth databases, including customer data, orders, invoices, SKUs, and more, across all platforms. CTO and Co-Founder Mohammad Abu Ajamieh wanted the solution to be efficient and cost-effective to support the disruptive nature of their business.

The Solution

After carrying out a free trial earlier in the year, Right Farm selected SmartConnect to integrate data between their data sources and began their implementation in July 2022. In Mohammad’s words, “SmartConnect already figured out input and output,” which made his job easier. Individual teams were able to manage the implementations of Business Central, Salesforce, and their proprietary platform while the integration team used SmartConnect flawlessly to integrate all systems.

“SmartConnect is a powerful engine,” Mohammad said. SmartConnect allowed Right Farm to translate data inside the tool with easy-to-perform calculations instead of building external tables to translate data. With a minimal amount of help from eOne’s support team, they were able to complete their ERP and CRM integrations in twelve days.

These systems want to talk to each other, and with SmartConnect we now have the tool that facilitates that.

Mohammad Abu Ajamieh, CTO and Co-Founder of Right Farm