Do you have any customers that sound like this. watch video now

I particularly like the last scene, which could be expanded upon. Would you ever go into a restaurant and indicate you do not want to pay for the meal – but would be happy to pay for all the ingredients separately. You do not want to pay for the 30 years experience that the chef has in combining food and and preparing the meal, but decide to cook the food in the restaurant on your camp stove that you bought along. When things start tasting bad you grab the waiter by the shirt and say “this is simply not good enough, you advertised that this was a delicious meal and what I have here is awful”.

You then demand instructions, and when the chef succumbs and tells you that you must blanch the tomatoes first – your respond “that’s ridiculous, I do not know how to blanch – someone will have to do it for me and right now – I’m hungry and my date is watching this, so fix it now!”

I can paraphrase this for those not good at deciphering parables. This is common conversation over a 4 week period “We will do the integration ourselves … we are too busy for training … our team is clever they will work it out … now the customer wants more than we thought … I just thought it would do that … can I get support to answer some questions … support are great thanks, can we have them dial in and complete the project … we are out of budget so can you do it for free … our client is getting really frustrated … it is all getting messy and is not reflecting well on the software … I wish we had the 4 hrs training up front and it would have saved 50 hrs down the track”

Do not let this be you.