Our Account Representative, Alicia Bement, has gotten to know SmartView for a little over a year now and just can’t get enough of it! See why she loves SmartView so much below:

SmartView may seem like a nice tool to have, I see it as a necessity. It literally saves me at least 3 hours every week. Wouldn’t you love to see a report without having to wait a really long time for the report to generate? Wouldn’t you love to see totals to your screen without exporting it to Excel? Add more than 4 filters? How about seeing your data OUTSIDE of GP?

SmartView replaces SmartList and all the pain points that go along with it. It will help everyone in your office, whether it’s your project manager wanting to look at time sheets or the CEO wanting to see what the revenue is for the year, or the accountant wanting to see aged trial balances. And, the great part is each person can customize their own favorites.

You’ll want to take a minute to join a demo on Wednesday’s or Friday’s and see how you can significantly change your reporting to save a vast amount of time!

So when we say SmartView is just like Magic, now you can see why!

If you have any questions with setting up a demo, pricing or wondering if SmartView is the perfect solution for you please email us at sales@eonesolutions.com as we would be happy to assist you!