When to call in an expert?
In any project there comes a point where you need to decide on a ‘DIY” model or whether it is best to call in an expert. How do you make that decision?
When I was growing up you did everything yourself that you could.  There was no ‘career’ (that I knew of) as a residential landscaper as everyone looked after their own yard. You would build gardens, plant trees, water by hand, build a fence, lay your sod etc.   In my street right now there are 5 new homes that are making this decision. 3 homes chose to call in an expert (and pay for it).  These neighbors got to sit back have a coffee and watch experts landscape their gardens. A team of experts turned up with all the tools and machinery they could possibly need. Job done right and fast.
The other neighbors decided to do it alone. They slaved day after day with wheelbarrows, installing sprinkler systems, pulling weeds, building walls.  I am sure eventually all five gardens will be very fine – but right now there are three great looking gardens – and 2 that are less than great – and yet those 2 ‘not so great’ ones are still working long into each evening while I sip my second chardonnay.
Last week eOne moved into a new office (it is fantastic).  We needed a new keypad lock installed on the front door.  One nameless and very helpful eOne employee stated – ‘that’s easy I have done it before I will install it for you.’ Great – will save $500 and why not?   So 7 hours and 2 trips for new tools later Chris was still fighting with the front door lock and left it in 13 small unassembled pieces.
The next day a locksmith came by to work next door and so Chris grabbed him to take a look. Approximately 7 minutes later the lock was removed and installed.
So the question here is why and when do you decide to use an expert? We like expert doctors, dentists, lawyers and usually accountants. Electricians, plumbers, builders usually. We like bankers and estate agents to know what they are doing.  What about IT? What about IT Reporting? What about IT integration projects?
Something that is unique about the IT world is that we are very prepared to teach our own customers what it is that we know. Imagine calling your plumber and asking for a lesson in installing irrigation so you can do it yourself and not use him?  What about calling you estate agent and asking for a lesson in how to buy a house – so you would not have to use an agent!! Does your doctor give you diagnosis lessons?  The reason why, is that there are hundreds and hundreds of hours and experience going into these people become experts.
So on your next project do one of the following things:
1.      Seek out top quality training.  It will save you a fortune in both money and time.
2.      Even after training, use an expert where you are out of your depth.
3.      Hand total responsibility to an expert – and you manage the process similar to if you were buying landscaping.